Our tailored platform calculates and compares data from any of your Forms, Reports, and Documents.


Our implementation team will assist you in setting up your Metrics Dashboard. When you open up your platform, you will see what is important to you.

Are rounds and shift reports being completed, and are there any areas of potential or non-compliance?

Do our charts meet billing and regulatory requirements?

What are patients saying about our program, and where can we improve?

How many licenses and certificates are up for renewal in the next 60 days?

Other Examples of measurable items:

  • Is all of our HR documentation up to date?
  • How many open positions are there, and when do they need to be filled by?
  • How many Contractor or Employment agreements are expiring in the next 60 days?
  • Which forms and audits are overdue?
  • How much medication do I have in stock?
  • What are patients saying about Treatment and Discharge Planning?
  • How many incidents happened last month?
  • What kind of incidents are occurring?
  • Who is responsible for the open Corrective Action plans?
  • How many Grievances are pending investigation?
  • Which one of my facilities has the least complaints?
  • In what areas do my employees feel there needs to be improvement?
  • Which policies need to be reviewed this quarter?
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