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Release Notes . January 24, 2023

Release Notes 01/24/2023

IMPROVEMENTS: Add the human resources alert flag to the Disabled user alerts New improvement now alerts HR user’s when a user has been disabled Training Center takes too long to load for company admins/hr Training center performance has been boosted & now responds in seconds  Quiz Answer NEW Takes too long Quiz answer performance has been improved […]

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Release Notes . January 16, 2023

Release Notes 01/16/2023

IMPROVEMENTS:  Allow user to designate their preferred location New improvement now allows users to checkmark which location they want as default preferred location   Add “Enabled Users” to filter New improvement no longer displays inactive users in drop down when in HR onboarding forms   Alphabetically order the locations list New improvement has ordered locations in […]

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Release Notes . January 11, 2023

Release Notes 01/11/2023

IMPROVEMENTS:  training center – move employee summary to load data ajax call New improvement now displays all employee summary data when “load data” is clicked add compliance contact to application Newly added compliance contact application link Update user interface to simplify anonymous New user interface for creating anonymous submissions when clicking “Add New” There is […]

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Release Notes . January 3, 2023

Release Notes 01/03/2023

FEATURE:   Location Compliance Report Locations now have access to compliance report   IMPROVEMENTS:  When user is disabled – notify HR users of location New improvement now notifies HR users when a user has been disable Add type dropdown to find in hatch Performance improvement for Find In Hatch has been improved & now responds […]

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Release Notes . December 27, 2022

Release Notes 12/27/2022

IMPROVEMENTS:  Sign In – change sign in flow Updated the sign in flow to ask for which location before loading a locations dashboard and then asking which location would you like to login to. Orange status to symbolize awaiting approval New improvement now displays an orange awaiting approval status icon that lets users know there […]

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Release Notes . December 20, 2022

Release Notes 12/20/2022

FEATURES: Automated Signatures New feature now allows users to be able to save their signatures when approving or signing off on forms   IMPROVEMENTS:  Improved performance of user profile page User profile now loads faster & efficiently   BUG FIXES:  Ticket in reference to compliance report Bug that prevented HR users from seeing forms that […]

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Release Notes . December 12, 2022

Release Notes 12/12/2022

IMPROVEMENTS:  Don’t count blank data New improvement has removed the ability of reports keeping track of blank data   BUG FIXES:   Incident report, will not change the status to completed all required fields are are completed fields are completed, work was followed correctly Bug that prevented users from saving incident forms with hidden components […]

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Release Notes . December 6, 2022

Release Notes 12/06/2022

FEATURES:   NPS Score popup on portal New NPS Score features now allows users to rate HATCH application via NPS survey on logout and optionally through horizontal navbar   IMPROVEMENTS:  If leaving changed formio show confirmation to leave without saving New improvement has been added for when users who are exiting a form with data […]

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Release Notes . November 29, 2022

Release Notes 11/29/2022

IMPROVEMENTS:  Accessible Names & Alt tags Accessible Names & Alt tags have been improved & updated for users with disabilities to access Can we add fields to display on related forms Fields to display components have now been added to related forms Increase formio modal size and follow modal=1 Pop up windows for formio have […]

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Release Notes . November 26, 2022

Release Notes 09/26/2022

IMPROVEMENTS:     Mobile navigation is missing user name linking to user profile New improvement has added user profile button to mobile view so users can be directed to user profile page     Update pop up styling to be consistent New improvements have been added to Find In hatch modal, Regulations modal, login modal […]

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Human Resources

Hatch Compliance provides all the necessary tools for your Human Resources requirements.

Role based learning management system that meets all accrediting body standards. All training and quizzes are automatically assigned to the user, depending on their role in the organization

Includes pre- made competency assessments to meet all accrediting body standards.

Includes all pre- made forms to meet all accrediting body standards.