Hatch is changing the way behavioral health does business

We've automated Operations, Compliance, and HR so you can get back to focusing on your business


See results in Organizational control immediately

We streamlined every operational and regulatory process and consolidated it into one easy to use platform.

Our platform includes customized and intuitive policies, procedures, forms, and audits for State Regulations, The Joint Commission, CARF, and the DEA, covering every aspect of reporting and compliance.

How we will help your company

The Hatch platform is tailored to be simple enough for anyone in your organization to meet their department’s administrative and compliance requirements.  

Our tools automate Operations,  Administration, Compliance,  HR, and Employee engagement. 

Automated validation helps ensure that business processes are being done on time and correctly, without human error. This technology improves business quality, and increases staff production by eliminating thousands of hours of manual effort.

Hatch can integrate with software such as Quickbooks or Kareo. 


Real metrics, instantly. Your dashboard can be tailored to give you an instant snapshot of any data across your Organization.


Complex data reporting takes seconds, and can be delivered to various levels of your Organization. It provides everyone with more time to focus on patients, business strategy - and less on shuffling paperwork. It delivers real-time actionable answers without human error.

Human Resources

From Candidate Tracking to Performance Reviews to Exit Interviews, our system tracks the life cycle of an employee, and automates your HR department. Your HR Compliance audit will take minutes to assess.

Regulatory Compliance

With our industry knowledge we developed forms and audits tailored to meet the unique and complex requirements of your Organization, eliminating manual errors. It's as easy as Click, Check, Compliant.

Automate, simplify, and streamline your Organization

To see how your organization could benefit from a streamlined solution, we offer a 30 day free trial. It’s user friendly and affordable. 

You will see results in organizational control immediately.



Hatch is a cloud-based Enterprise solution platform for Healthcare Compliance, Human Resources, and Organizational workflows


Our tailored platform displays metrics extrapolated from any of your Forms, Reports, and Documents

Full Cycle
Human Resources

From Candidate Tracking to Performance Reviews to Exit Interviews, our system tracks the life cycle of an employee


Track Incidents, Responses, Evaluate Root Causes, and generate Corrective Action plans within our Incident Management system


Get full control of the contractual procedure for the entire contract life cycle, and what to expect upon renewal or termination


Track, Review, and Manage all of your Organizational and Operational Licenses and Certificates. Know when and how to renew instantaneously

Policy Repository

Our self guided policy system allows users to find any policy with one click, immediately locate all policies on file, and alert you when policy reviews are approaching

Forms & Audits

Our forms and audits are composed of every detail of regulatory compliance, crafted by years of operational experience, with long term Compliance in mind. It's project management, quality assurance, and workflow all in one tool

Collaboration Hub

Our Collaboration tools streamline and compartmentalize communication, and allows you to control internal distribution

Who We Are

Our team of former Inspectors, Compliance Officers, Developers, and Healthcare Executives saw a real need and opportunity to deliver a functional,analytical, and optimized platform to facilities.

With our 40,000+ hours of experience, and painstaking creative efficiency – We designed Hatch. 

We developed Hatch to automate, simplify, and streamline Compliance with Technology

Privacy Policy
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