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Mike Lifshotz

Mike Lifshotz comes to Hatch Compliance with over 20 years of experience building successful organizations from the ground up. Much like his previous endeavors, Hatch Compliance was merely a thought when Mike joined the team; his guidance and execution have been integral in transforming a once-great idea into the disruptive compliance software that Hatch is today. Under Mike’s leadership, Hatch Compliance expanded its services from 6 locations to 150 locations in its first year. Driven by a desire to improve treatment practices for behavioral health and substance use disorder patients, Mike has no intentions of slowing down. When he is not working to improve compliance practices, you can find Mike enjoying some backyard barbeque with family and strumming his guitar.

Blog Posts by Mike Lifshotz

international day

Awareness . November 19, 2022

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an event in which survivors of suicide loss come together to find connection, understanding, and hope through their shared experiences. On this day we encourage all those that have lost a loved one to suicide to remember: Grief takes time. Give yourself grace and patience; even if its […]

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Release Notes . September 28, 2022

Release Notes 09/26/2022

IMPROVEMENTS: Mobile navigation is missing user name linking to user profile New improvement has added user profile button to mobile view so users can be directed to user profile page  Update pop up styling to be consistent New improvements have been added to Find In hatch modal, Regulations modal, login modal & Location select modal […]

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Best Practices . September 28, 2022

Reducing Staff Turnover & Improving Staff Satisfaction

One of the most costly occurrences at any business is staff turnover.  While turnover is inevitable, there are some steps you can take to significantly reduce the frequency, time, expense and drain on tenured staff by adhering to some compliance best practices. Surveying your staff on a regular basis is a requirement of The Joint […]

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Best Practices . September 28, 2022

Using Compliance Data To Drive Revenue: Reducing AMA/ ATA

 To many organizations, collecting compliance documentation and data is an afterthought, there are many organizations that successfully use this information to drive revenue. In this series, I’m going to share some suggestions of areas to focus on that will quickly effect your bottom line.     What are you doing to track and reduce clients […]

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MythDebunkingMondays . September 26, 2022

#MythDebunkingMondays: Most suicides happen without warning

Its #MythDebunkingMondays here at Hatch Compliance! This is our last week, let’s talk about another common myth, “Most suicides happen without warning.” THIS IS FALSE. We want to be clear that if a suicide or suicide attempt occurs those close to the person should not blame themselves. We strongly encourage that if you are someone […]

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Release Notes . September 21, 2022

Release Notes 09/19/2022

IMPROVEMENTS: WORKFLOW If field is over 40 characters text now indicate there is more content with ” … ”  New improvement now minimizes the character length for workflow tabs to prevent irrelevant context Incorrect Error Handling on Deleted Competency Answer New improvement now handles the error page with alert message for users to visually see […]

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MythDebunkingMondays . September 19, 2022

#MythDebunkingMondays: Suicide only affect those with a mental health condition

Its #MythDebunkingMondays here at Hatch Compliance! Let’s kick off three with another common myth “Suicide only affects individuals with a mental health condition”.   THIS IS FALSE.   Many people with mental illnesses do not have suicidal thoughts and not all those with suicidal thoughts have a diagnosable mental health disorder, many attribute their thoughts to situational […]

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Release Notes . September 13, 2022

Release Notes 09/12/2022

IMPROVEMENTS Fix workflow on show answers New improvement now displays workflows for secondary users when previewing created entries Allow Completed forms to be set back to Awaiting Approval when required  fields are not set properly New improvement allows completed forms to be set back to awaiting approval status when new work flow rule is added after […]

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MythDebunkingMondays . September 12, 2022

#MythDebunkingMondays: Once an individual is suicidal, they will always remain suicidal

Its #MythDebunkingMondays here at Hatch Compliance! This week let’s talk about another common myth, “Once an individual is suicidal, they will always remain suicidal.”   THIS IS FALSE.   Proper treatment, which can include but is not limited to medication, medical procedures, therapeutic interventions, and lifestyle changes have been shown to reduce and can even eliminate symptoms. […]

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hatch Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders min 1

Events . September 1, 2022

Hatch Will Be Attending Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders September 8 – 11, 2022

Our team is excited to be attending the Cape Cod Symposium next week 9/8-9/11. Let us know if you will be in attendance so we can make sure to connect to talk about all of your compliance needs.

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Human Resources

Hatch Compliance provides all the necessary tools for your Human Resources requirements.

Role based learning management system that meets all accrediting body standards. All training and quizzes are automatically assigned to the user, depending on their role in the organization

Includes pre- made competency assessments to meet all accrediting body standards.

Includes all pre- made forms to meet all accrediting body standards.