Navigating Behavioral Healthcare Compliance: A Recap of 2023

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Reflecting on the complexities of behavioral healthcare compliance over the past year reveals a landscape marked by dynamic shifts and persistent challenges.  Here’s a holistic review of the key highlights and pivotal moments that defined compliance in behavioral healthcare throughout 2023: Regulatory Updates: The regulatory sphere witnessed a whirlwind of changes impacting behavioral healthcare providers. […]

Gratitude – Exploring Data Collection: Thoughts From Addiction Treatment Providers

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This gratitude video features Mike speaking about a snippet from the “Hatching Creativity” podcast featuring Dr. Annie Peters from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Dr. Peters discusses the surprising findings of the FORCE initiative’s data collection efforts. Mike shares a thought on personal agency in shaping company culture and the world, followed by […]

Navigating Compliance in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment

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Staying compliant in an ever-changing regulatory landscape is paramount for businesses and individuals alike. Regulations evolve continually, necessitating a proactive stance and robust strategies for compliance. Here are key strategies to effectively navigate this complex terrain: Stay Informed: Subscribe to industry newsletters and follow reputable news sources to stay abreast of regulatory changes and updates. […]

The Importance of Continuous Learning in Behavioral Healthcare Compliance

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Continuous learning is vital in ensuring compliance within behavioral healthcare settings. Professionals in this field must remain updated with evolving regulations, ethical standards, and best practices to deliver high-quality care.  Here’s why ongoing education is crucial: In the dynamic landscape of behavioral healthcare compliance, continuous learning is essential for maintaining compliance and promoting excellence. For […]

Navigating Behavioral Healthcare Compliance: Essential Strategies for Providers

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In the ever-evolving landscape of behavioral healthcare, compliance stands as a pillar of ethical practice and patient-centered care. Staying abreast of regulatory requirements isn’t just a necessity; it’s a commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safeguarding patient welfare. Here’s a breakdown of key strategies for staying up to date with behavioral healthcare […]

Consistency: The Key to Success in any Industry

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In this video, Mike reflects on the power of consistency in personal and professional growth, drawing inspiration from his journey attending the annual treatment provider conference in San Antonio, Texas. He emphasizes that small, consistent steps can lead to significant progress over time and invites viewers to assess their own journey. Mike expresses gratitude to […]

Episode 9 – Standardizing Best Practices in Mental Health Treatment

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In Conversation with Michael Castanon: “Joining us today is the remarkable Michael Castanon, CEO and founder of Alter Health Group and Mindfully. With a commitment to providing comprehensive mental health care, Michael’s organizations are reshaping the way we approach well-being. Alter Health Group is at the forefront of primary mental health and substance use disorder […]

Episode 8 – The Power of Constant Learning – Insight into Greg Goushian’s Journey

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Introduction: “Welcome back to another enriching episode of ‘Hatching Creativity.’ This podcast transcends the ordinary conversations of Behavioral Health. Here, thought leaders convene to address real-life challenges, celebrate victories, and relive those pivotal ‘aha’ moments. Today, we have the pleasure of engaging with Greg Goushian, the visionary CEO of Recovery Beach Treatment Center. With 12 […]

Episode 6 – Unlocking the Secrets of Launching a Successful Behavioral Health Business

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Industry experts Glenn Hadley and Jordan Young emphasize the importance of realistic expectations and strategic planning. Glenn advocates for allocating ample time and resources, even doubling initial estimates for a strong foundation. Jordan underscores the significance of embracing strengths and identifying a niche aligned with expertise, ensuring thriving businesses. In another discussion, they stress the […]

Staying Current with Evolving Joint Commission Standards

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Staying informed about the ever-evolving landscape of Joint Commission standards is crucial for behavioral health compliance professionals. Adhering to the latest guidelines is vital to provide high-quality care and maintain organizational excellence. To remain up-to-date, here are some key strategies:   1. Engage in Regular Training: Attend training sessions and workshops provided by the Joint Commission. These […]

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