Episode 6 – Unlocking the Secrets of Launching a Successful Behavioral Health Business

Industry experts Glenn Hadley and Jordan Young emphasize the importance of realistic expectations and strategic planning. Glenn advocates for allocating ample time and resources, even doubling initial estimates for a strong foundation. Jordan underscores the significance of embracing strengths and identifying a niche aligned with expertise, ensuring thriving businesses. In another discussion, they stress the value of defining a niche, with Glenn advising against universal appeal and Jordan highlighting the need for a clear audience. Additionally, they delve into adapting to industry changes, spotlighting Google Analytics’ transition to HIPAA-compliant vendors by July 1st, urging businesses to stay adaptable and compliant.

Realistic Expectations and Strategic Planning: “Glenn Hadley and Jordan Young, two stalwarts of the industry, shed light on the importance of setting realistic expectations and strategic planning. Glenn emphasizes the need to allocate ample time and resources for ventures, doubling the initial estimates to ensure a solid foundation. On the other hand, Jordan highlights the significance of embracing one’s strengths, acknowledging the niche that aligns with expertise. This focused approach ensures businesses thrive in their chosen realms.”

Defining Your Niche for Optimal Success: “In this enlightening conversation, Glenn and Jordan underscore the significance of defining a niche for optimal success. Glenn’s advice echoes the wisdom of not trying to be everything to everyone, but rather carving out a well-defined identity. Jordan stresses that identifying a clear audience and specialization is essential to create an impactful and sustainable business presence.”

Adapting to Crucial Industry Changes: “Glenn and Jordan also discuss staying informed about industry changes to ensure compliance and effectiveness. A crucial point that arises is the impending change in Google Analytics, and how it impacts businesses’ HIPAA compliance. As of July 1st, Google Analytics is making a transition that requires operators to align with HIPAA-compliant vendors. This monumental shift emphasizes the need to remain vigilant and adapt to evolving trends.”


  1. “Give yourself double the time and double the money you think you’ll need. Setting realistic expectations is crucial for success.”
  2. “Defining your niche and embracing your strengths can elevate your business and ensure long-term growth.”

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