Episode 8 – The Power of Constant Learning – Insight into Greg Goushian’s Journey

Introduction: “Welcome back to another enriching episode of ‘Hatching Creativity.’ This podcast transcends the ordinary conversations of Behavioral Health. Here, thought leaders convene to address real-life challenges, celebrate victories, and relive those pivotal ‘aha’ moments. Today, we have the pleasure of engaging with Greg Goushian, the visionary CEO of Recovery Beach Treatment Center. With 12 years of experience in various facets of the industry, Greg is a seasoned professional. Let’s dive into his reservoir of wisdom and glean insights into the best pieces of business advice he’s embraced.”

In Conversation with Greg Goushian: “Joining us today is the dynamic Greg Goushian, the CEO of Recovery Beach. With a focus on substance abuse detox and residential care, Recovery Beach is a 33-bed inpatient facility nestled in Orange County, California. Greg’s journey has encompassed marketing, business development, and leadership roles, shaping his holistic perspective on the industry. Let’s tap into his reservoir of knowledge and uncover the business advice that has steered his course.”

Embracing Continuous Learning and Growth: “Greg Goushian shares a profound piece of business advice that resonates across industries: the pursuit of continuous learning and growth. He emphasizes the importance of shedding ego and recognizing that knowledge can be gleaned from everyone—whether they’re in a similar role, a junior position, or even an entirely different field. Greg’s insight underscores the transformative power of curiosity and openness to learn.”

Tapping into the Treasure of Networking: “Building on Greg’s advice, networking emerges as a treasure trove of knowledge and growth. Mike and Greg discuss the significance of engaging with individuals without a predefined agenda. Greg’s experience illustrates that meaningful connections can spring from unexpected sources. Networking, when approached with authenticity and a genuine desire to learn, can lead to valuable insights and opportunities.”

Evaluating Strengths and Areas for Improvement: “As the conversation unfolds, the spotlight turns to evaluating personal strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Greg’s advice resonates: reflect on past achievements, successes, and the skills that have propelled you forward. This introspection can guide you in recognizing where you excel. Simultaneously, remain open to self-improvement, acknowledging that growth is a continuous journey.”

Memorable Quotes:

  1. “Don’t stop trying to get better and learning new things. Shift from ‘I know everything’ to ‘I can learn from everyone.'”
  2. “Don’t say no to anybody. Valuable connections can stem from unexpected interactions.”

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