How do I know if I have to report an incident to the state?

Each state requires similar incidents to be reported, such as abuse, exploitation, and neglect.  However, reportable incidents can vary significantly. These requirements are often found in the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) / Mental Health (MH) regulations.

Where states differ vastly is how you can submit a report. Don’t wait to the last minute to figure this out. Incidents that are reportable to the state have time windows in which an incident must be submitted, and in many states, you have to enroll in their incident reporting system which could take days or even weeks, causing you to miss the reporting window and potentially end up with an inspection or fines. 

On the Hatch Incident Reporting form, we have clearly outlined: 

  • What is a reportable incident? 
  • When does it need to be reported?
  • How do I report an incident?

You should track incidents whether they are required to be reported or not, and some states do require that you track all incidents.

This is a great way to collect lots of objective data about your program, and improve performance.