Gratitude – Breaking Free from Industry Constructs: Embracing Authenticity

In this video, Mike shares his thoughts on societal constructs and their impact on individuals. He highlights how rigid expectations of gender, recovery, and sexual orientation can create a damaging environment for both ourselves and others. Mike encourages viewers to critically examine their own constructs and strive for understanding and empathy. Additionally, he expresses gratitude for positive health news regarding his kidney issues and announces an upcoming podcast focused on thought leadership. This video offers valuable insights and promotes introspection.

#SocietalConstructs #Empathy #GratitudeWednesday #ThoughtLeadership

Today’s thought is really important, and causes a lot of pain. I want to challenge all of you to take a listen and think about how some of your beliefs may be causing pain to others or yourself. Critically think about these beliefs/ expectations, and break down whether or not they’re helpful or harmful, and whether or not they’re based on an antiquated belief or modern knowledge. You can make a big impact on yourself and the people around you.

To quote The Gorilla Biscuits, “Start Today”. Much love to all of you for watching and encouraging these videos. Have a great week.