Gratitude – Breaking Free from Social Media Comparison: A Healthcare Perspective

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In this gratitude video, Mike discusses the importance of not comparing our happiness to others, especially based on social media portrayals. He encourages viewers to focus on their own journey, be present, and appreciate their unique experiences. Mike expresses gratitude for his father on Father’s Day and shares his excitement about a cooking class with his wife. Additionally, he announces an upcoming podcast focused on healthcare business best practices. Join Mike as he inspires and encourages a positive mindset.

Mike – “Today’s thought is one of the big keys to happiness. Oftentimes, we base our views on happiness, success, relationships, experiences on what other people have or share. That isn’t a real picture or comparison, and it causes suffering. I hope you find this meaningful. Have a great week my friends.”

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Hosted by: Mike Lifshotz

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