Gratitude – Building Better Business Practices: The Power of Seeking Advice

In this video, Mike shares his thoughts of the day, expressing gratitude and discussing the importance of seeking and utilizing advice from others. He also offers a preview of his upcoming podcast, “Hatching Creativity: Conversations around Success, Innovation, and Growth,” with a clip from an interview with Lee Povey. Mike expresses his gratitude for his therapist and his excitement for building a sauna in his home as part of his health and fitness journey. This video is relevant to the fields of personal development, business, corporate culture, and health and wellness.

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Mike – “How do people remember you? This is very important to look at if we want to be happy and successful. Today’s thought comes from a Maya Angelou quote that had a big impact on me. We are getting ready to start releasing episodes of Hatching Creativity, our new podcast. Here we talk with our guests about challenges they’ve faced in their professional or personal lives, and some of the ways they’ve helped overcome them. If you’re interested in being a guest, please let me know.”