Gratitude – Curiosity and Healing: Behavioral Health Perspectives on Triggers

In this insightful YouTube video, Mike shares his daily thoughts on gratitude, self-awareness, and setting boundaries. He announces the launch of the “Hatching Creativity” podcast and provides a sneak peek of a conversation with TJ Woodward from Conscious Recovery. Mike discusses the importance of responding to triggering events with curiosity and shares his perspective on learning to say no and managing workload effectively. He expresses his gratitude for successfully bringing the podcast to life and his excitement for an upcoming trip with his wife. Mike’s practical advice and genuine enthusiasm shine through, making this video a valuable watch.

Mike – “Even if you’re feeling obligated, you don’t always have to say yes. You may not need to say no either. In today’s video, I break down some ideas to help get the job done, but not have it overload your plate.

In this video, I also share a clip from the Hatching Creativity podcast. In the clip, I’m speaking with TJ Woodward about the value of examining our reactions and how they are connected to our past. Please like, subscribe and tell all your friends about Hatching Creativity.”