Gratitude – Mastering Specialization: Prioritizing in the Healthcare industry

Join Mike in this insightful video where he shares a clip from an upcoming episode of the Hatching Creativity podcast featuring Glenn Hadley and Jordan Young discussing the importance of specialization and finding your niche. Mike emphasizes the valuable lesson of focusing on fewer things to achieve better quality results, revealing a practical prioritization technique he uses. He expresses gratitude for the support he’s received in managing health issues and shares his excitement about an upcoming visit to Boston.

Mike – “Have you ever been overwhelmed by having to many opportunities or projects in front of you? Sometimes we refer to that as a “First World Problem”, but the stress is real. Working on too many things at once can greatly effect quality as well.

In today’s video, I break that down and offer a suggestion to help get past that bogged down feeling. I also shared a clip from an upcoming episode of Hatching Creativity with Jordan Young and Glenn Hadley. They speak about the importance and value of specialization.”