Gratitude – Self-Reflection in Behavioral Health: Embracing Accountability

Join Mike in this sincere and uplifting video as he shares his thought for the day and expresses deep gratitude for the blessings in his life. He gives a sneak peek of the upcoming “Hatching Creativity” podcast featuring a conversation with Devin Waite from Circa Behavioral Health. Mike discusses the power of self-reflection and avoiding blame in difficult situations. He also shares his personal journey with health challenges and excitement about getting back to bike racing.

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Mike – “How do you look at situations that don’t go your way? Do you get angry and blame? This can be a big contributor to suffering and isn’t going to help progress. In today’s video, I share my thoughts on blame, and ways to shift your mindset to control what you can, in order to avoid being in the same situation again.

This video also contains a clip from our soon to be released podcast, Hatching Creativity. On the show, we speak with our guests about challenges they experienced, and techniques they’ve used to overcome them. In this clip, we get some valuable advice from Devon Wayt from Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions on ways to use patient satisfaction surveys to increase length of stay and reduce AMA/ ATA.”