Overcoming Judgment – Insights for Personal Growth and Connection

In this video, Mike shares his thoughts on judgment and how to overcome it, drawing insights from a conversation with TJ Woodward from Conscious Recovery. He emphasizes the importance of curiosity and self-reflection in understanding our judgments and how they may hinder our connections with others. Mike also expresses gratitude for the Fourth of July and his excitement for an upcoming trip with his wife. Additionally, he announces the release of a new podcast focused on business best practices. This video offers valuable insights and encourages viewers to embrace curiosity and self-awareness in their lives.

Mike – “Have you ever felt triggered, and weren’t sure why? That’s usually due to an internal judgement of a person or situation. In this week’s video, I break that down, and make suggestions on moving past it, in order to build or restore connection. This idea came from a conversation I recently recorded for our podcast with TJ Woodward of Conscious Recovery. Thank you very much for the great insight. I look forward to speaking again soon! Thank you for watching my weekly thought and gratitude video. I greatly appreciate the comments and feedback on these videos.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming podcast to be released in July. We’re going to be speaking with people about best practices to improve your business, client outcomes and ourselves in general. We’ll be posting updates here, and on HatchCompliance.com”