Release Notes 09/26/2022


Mobile navigation is missing user name linking to user profile

  • New improvement has added user profile button to mobile view so users can be directed to user profile page

 Update pop up styling to be consistent

  • New improvements have been added to Find In hatch modal, Regulations modal, login modal & Location select modal to match branding consistency across all modals

On the user list On the can we search by location

  • New improvement now allows users to search by location

Creatable is misspelled in company admin

  • Improvement has updated “createable” to creatable for grammar consistency

Deployment message broken

  • New improvement now allows users to see deployment screen without a division between hatch logo & deployment message

Add column filters to access manager

  • Improvement have added column filters in access manager to allow for easier to access to users

Remove buttons from access manager when print view

  • New improvements has removed buttons when in print view

Cancel needs to removed & replaced with confirm delete for confirmation modal

  • New improvement has removed cancel from log out modal & replaced with delete


Report Name Competency Report

  • Bug that displayed text incorrectly in reports has been corrected for grammar consistency

Unable to access user profile

  • Bug that prevented users from accessing user profile has been patched & working as expected & now allows users to access user profiles

Workflow if workflow rules are defined – show workflow panel

  • Bug that prevented users from seeing workflow tab when workflows are defined now displays workflow tab on right side of form

Client tagged in the related user field of a competency Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation Training she cannot view the competency

  • Bug that prevented users from reaching forms that they don’t have access to can now be tagged as a related user & reach forms

HR can not delete quiz results from training center

  • Bug that prevented HR users from deleting quiz results from training center now allows users to delete previous quiz results