Release Notes 01/11/2023


training center – move employee summary to load data ajax call

  • New improvement now displays all employee summary data when “load data” is clicked

add compliance contact to application

  • Newly added compliance contact application link

Update user interface to simplify anonymous

  • New user interface for creating anonymous submissions when clicking “Add New”

There is now a load data button in the training center report, can we please remove this button from the employee summary in the training center asap

  • New improvement has removed load data for each user & now is only 1 click for all users in training center

Client has requested to see the related forms before saving the form

  • Related forms now appear when creating forms that are related to them in modal view

New form on Save if primary requirement not met – confirm and open workflow if collapsed

  • New improvement now pops out a small window notifying the user when they are missing data from the workflow & is now lit in red when incomplete & green when complete 



Deployment screen broken during deployment

  • Bug that prevented deployment message from appearing during a deployment has been fixed & now correctly displays when a deployment is in progress

Client unable to delete competency while in preview edit

  • Bug that prevented users from deleting competencies while in preview pop up edit has been fixed & now allows users to delete while in preview window

Client unable to edit incident report w/ required role

  • Bug that prevented users from editing incident reports with required roles has been fixed & now allows required roles to edit incident reports

Anonymous forms giving error 500

  • Bug that displayed an error 500 message when creating an anonymous submission has been fixed & now allows users to create successfully

User profile not loading data

  • Bug that prevented users from loading data in user profile has been fixed & instantly loads user data

The ability to [Duplicate] is not an option on the water inspection show grid 

  • Bug that prevented users from duplicating forms has been fixed & now allows users to successfully delete

Print button not copying over data from saved form in preview mode

  • Bug that prevented users from seeing inputted data from forms to print mode has been fixed & now carries over data to print preview

Client is trying to print an annual ligature risk assessment but the entire form does not print

  • Bug that prevented users from printing “Annual Ligature Risk Assessments” has been fixed & now allows users to print successfully

Printing feature on the HR onboarding doc specifically 

  • Bug that prevented users from seeing entire HR onboarding form while in print view has been fixed & now displays entire preview

The date range feature does not work on the preview model screen

  • Bug that prevented date range filter from working in preview pop up has been fixed & now works correctly while in preview