Release Notes 01/16/2023


Allow user to designate their preferred location

  • New improvement now allows users to checkmark which location they want as default preferred location


Add “Enabled Users” to filter

  • New improvement no longer displays inactive users in drop down when in HR onboarding forms


Alphabetically order the locations list

  • New improvement has ordered locations in alphabetical order in all location drop downs


User profile shows 1 form – load data retrieves 0 records

  • Bug that prevented users from loading data in user profile has been fixed & now allows users to load data from forms they created in user profile

User unable to view submissions created today with date range filter

  • Bug that prevented users from viewing newly created forms when using “Today” in date range filter has been fixed & correctly shows form that are created day of


Forms export fails when relational fields have default placeholder as value

  • Bug that prevented HR user’s from exporting forms has been fixed & no longer displays error 500 message when exporting