Release Notes 02/06/2023


Swap compliance cheat sheet for user compliance report

  • Compliance cheat sheet has been removed & replaced with Compliance Report


Client is trying to delete a duplicate role that had been added before

  • Bug that prevented company admins from deleting roles that had been previously deleted has been fixed & no longer prevents user from deleting roles

Reported error GenerateCertificate has to return a response

  • Bug that prevented user’s from generating training certificates has been fixed & no longer displays error when generating certificates

Edit dropdown requires a double click

  • Bug that only allowed users to have to double click dropdowns in form index has been fixed & is now opened with one click

Anonymous form is not submitting or saving

  • Bug that would direct a user to error screen when creating an anonymous submission has been fixed & no longer directs user to error message

Creators of forms are not seeing HR Documents they created on their user profile

  • Bug that prevented user’s from seeing completed HR Documents they have completed in user profile has been fixed & now properly reflects correctly



On user create – add more options

  • New notifications now appear when creating from HR onboarding form with ID’s

Update task create to be from a modal

  • When creating or assigning task new it will now open as a modal