Release Notes 02/13/2023


Weekly view has been added to calendar

  • New Weekly tab has been added to To do list calendar with new clean UI

Add “Required Sign Off” card to dashboard that reveals forms that require secondary signoff

  • New signoff feature now displays forms that require a secondary sign off for HR user’s on dashboard



When a training course is assigned to a user, can we make that training [Red] in their training center

  • Training overrides now have a force to retake checkbox that you allow users to force retake quizzes that have been updated

Forms, HR Documents, & Competency Improvement List

  • HR docs & Competencies filters no longer goes back to filter enable user without specification
  • Message now appears on all form managers when changes have been made to filters

Access Manager is very slow when editing users

  • Access manager performance has been boosted & now responds faster

Regulator should read Tennessee not “The Joint Commission”

  • Regulator name has been changed from “The Joint Commission” to “Commission On Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities” for CARF regulations

When we add the [State] to forms, somewhere as a header or on the bottom , showing the state they are from

  • States & Locations now appear on top of page before & after printing

Can we add “Employee Summary” as an option in the drop down of the training center

  • “Employee Summary” now appears in the training center drop down

Remove requirements from the super admin role in compliance report

  • Super Admin only roles will now always appear as 100% compliant, This is done because user’s with Super admin only are user’s that are likely CEO’s or owners & do not have requirements

Change “Not Completed: Not Compliant” to “Not Completed: Upcoming Requirements” 

  • User’s that have upcoming requirements in user compliance report has been updated from “Not Completed: Not Compliant” to Not Completed: Upcoming Requirements


Add New button for competencies is not clickable 

  • Bug that prevented user’s from clicking add new to create new competencies & has been fixed & is now clickable

Email subject should not have html

  • Bug that displayed HATCH admins to emails when changes have been made no longer displays HATCH admins on email