Release Notes 11/29/2022


Accessible Names & Alt tags

  • Accessible Names & Alt tags have been improved & updated for users with disabilities to access

Can we add fields to display on related forms

  • Fields to display components have now been added to related forms

Increase formio modal size and follow modal=1

  • Pop up windows for formio have been resized for easier accessibility when using onboarding form

Make report for hatch consulting

  • Styling improvements for compliance reports have been made


Please advise if the image below is a bug 

  • Bug that prevented users from accessing training videos has been fixed & now allows users to access trainings videos

The HR Onboarding document does not work how its supposed to

  • Bug that prevented HR users from using HR onboarding forms correctly has been fixed

User is on a mobile device no edit button on form

  • Bug that prevented mobile users from editing forms has been fixed & now allows users to scroll & find edit

Assigning a training course by role and by individual user. The user was not notified is not notified when I assign a training to them from their Hatch account

  • Bug that prevented users from receiving notifications when assigned task has been fixed & now notifies users when assigned task

Regulations is spelled wrong

  • Grammatical fix, regulations has been fixed & spelled correctly

Employee Satisfaction Survey is not anonymous, the anonymous button does not take you to the survey it takes you a blank page

  • Bug that prevented users from submitting anonymous surveys has been fixed & now allows users to create anonymous surveys