Release Notes 12/06/2022



NPS Score popup on portal

  • New NPS Score features now allows users to rate HATCH application via NPS survey on logout and optionally through horizontal navbar



If leaving changed formio show confirmation to leave without saving

  • New improvement has been added for when users who are exiting a form with data that has been entered will receive a modal asking if they want to save or not when leaving the page



User passed the Training Course [COWS & CIWA] on 9/21/2021 but his certificate is no visible

  • Bug that hid completed certificates in training center has been fixed & now displays complete certificates next completed trainings


Mac user bug

  • Bug that prevented mac users from accessing form data has been fixed & now allows for mac users to create forms


 Broken Form/HR Docs/Competencies answer index grid first item no data when data exists

  • Bug that hid data from show grid when data exists has been fixed & now correctly displays data on show grid