Release Notes 12/12/2022


Don’t count blank data

  • New improvement has removed the ability of reports keeping track of blank data




Incident report, will not change the status to completed all required fields are are completed fields are completed, work was followed correctly

  • Bug that prevented users from saving incident forms with hidden components that aren’t needed in specific situations has been fixed & allows users to save and set a complete status


The HR onboarding document does not work how its supposed to

  • Bug that prevented users from completing HR onboarding forms correctly has been fixed & now allows users to use correctly


User passed the Training Course on but certificate is not visible

  • Bug that prevented user from seeing correct expiration dates for certifications has been fixed & now shows correctly expirations dates


Client is trying to print competency she needs to send to the state asap and the print feature is cutting off half the page

  • Bug that prevented clients from printing competencies has been resolved, allowing for users to print reports