Release Notes 04/24/2023



Client receiving multiple notifications for training expirations

  • A bug that sent multiple notifications for training expiration has been fixed, reducing notification overload for users and streamlining the notification process.

Client unable to access training center

  • A bug preventing users from accessing the training center has been fixed, ensuring uninterrupted access to necessary training materials


Permissions have the same ID’s

  • A bug that caused conflicting permissions with repeating ID’s has been fixed, ensuring that permissions are properly assigned and accessible.

Mobile Location Selector not working

  • A bug that prevented users from clicking on the location selector in mobile view has been fixed, making it easier to access location information from any device.

Columns in charts for incident reports has broken styling

  • A bug causing styling issues in the incident report charts has been fixed, ensuring that all charts display properly and are easy to read.

Unable to create users for company admin

  • A bug that prevented users from creating new users in company admin has been fixed, streamlining the user creation process and improving overall efficiency.