Release Notes 05/01/2023


Add OneClick module to save button so clients cant save duplicates

  • The new OneClick module added to the save button significantly improves user experience by preventing users from accidentally saving duplicate submissions. 
  • The OneClick module streamlines the submission process by eliminating unnecessary clicks, saving users valuable time and effort. 
  • The addition of the OneClick module demonstrates a commitment to enhancing user satisfaction and productivity. 

User unable to switch locations

  • The new loader improvement implemented when changing locations provides users with clear visual feedback, preventing confusion and frustration. 
  • By improving the switching process, users can transition between locations with greater ease and efficiency, reducing the likelihood of errors and mistakes. 
  • The enhancement represents a proactive approach to addressing user feedback and improving the overall quality of the product.

Non-company users need to be scrubbed from compliance drop downs

  • The new improvement that removes HATCH admins from all drop-down menus in the user compliance report ensures data integrity and enhances report accuracy. 
  • By scrubbing non-company users from compliance drop-downs, users can more quickly and easily find relevant data, saving time and reducing confusion. 
  • The implementation of this improvement showcases a commitment to data accuracy and demonstrates a proactive approach to data management. 


Regulations are overlapping in user compliance

  • The bug fix that prevented users from seeing one modal when opening regulations while in location compliance improves the user experience by preventing confusion and frustration. 
  • The resolution of this bug ensures that users can effectively manage compliance without encountering technical issues, reducing the risk of compliance-related incidents. 
  • The successful bug fix highlights a commitment to responsive technical support and maintaining product functionality. 

Clients unable to edit range filter

  • The bug fix that allows specific users to edit date range filters restores critical functionality, improving usability and enhancing user satisfaction. 
  • The successful resolution of this bug enables users to more effectively analyze and manage data, promoting informed decision-making and improved productivity. 
  • The bug fix demonstrates a commitment to addressing user concerns and providing reliable product functionality.