Release Notes 05/22/2023


Add [State] at the top as a header during print view

This improvement ensure that the state of the location is prominently displayed as a header during the print view, providing clear context

Assign Task By Role

With this new improvement, Users can now assign tasks based on roles, triggering alerts to all members with the specified role. This streamlines task delegation and enhances the communication among team members



Workflow complete but form saved as in progress

Previously, a bug prevented the proper assignment of the “complete” status when a workflow was completed. This bug has been addressed, and now the status correctly reflects the completion of workflow

Company specific roles are appearing when creating users in access manager

A bug that caused company specific roles to appear erroneously during the user creation or editing in the access manager has been resolved. Users will no longer encounter company-specific roles when performing these actions, ensuring accurate user management

Screenshot 304