Release Notes 06/19/2023


Save compliance object and score per location per day
A new improvement has been implemented to generate a report and maintain a history of compliances scores per location, providing a comprehensive view of compliance performance over time.

Show alert related to user compliance for HR docs & competencies
An alert message has been added to compliance to do modals, reminding users to submit required compliance documents and competencies promptly 

On form – Show alert related to compliance report
A new alert has been implemented to notify users of compliance when completing required compliance to-dos in modal windows

Add “Emergency Event Type” in display field for “Emergency/Disaster Drills”
The “Emergency/Disaster drills” display field now includes the “Emergency event type”, allowing users to easily identify the type of drill conducted


[Compliance To Do’s] is directing users to another location
The bug that directed users to a form in a different location than the one they were attached to has been resolved. User now receive a flash message indicating that the form is located in the different location 

Exclude surveyors and state inspectors from compliance from creating & editing forms only view
The bug allowing state inspectors, CARF Surveyors, And TJC Surveyors to create and edit forms has been resolved. These roles are now limited to viewing forms only, as intended. Roles will also have 100% compliance as they will not need to complete requirements per locations