Release Notes 07/10/2023


Create Modal Module 

A new feature has been implemented to transform old modals into reusable modules, allowing for better code organization and reusability.

Create Timedout module

A new feature has been added to timeout sessions when having multiple tabs that have been recently logged out or have long idle times. This ensures consistent session management across multiple windows.

Allow duplicating  multiple Form Answers at a one time

A new feature now allows users to duplicate multiple form answers simultaneously, providing a streamlined workflow for duplicating form data.



Add “Status Updated” message in User activity 

A bug that prevented user activity entries from indicating the actions performed has been fixed. User activity now properly displays the relevant actions, including status updates on forms.

500 error when editing employee survey answer

The bug that directed users to an error 500 page when editing an employee survey answer that requires secondary sign-off has been resolved. Users can now edit the form without encountering errors.