Release Notes 07/24/2023



Allow compliance role to export data

Users with the compliance role can now export data from form types, enhancing data management capabilities.




Ensure all footers end with call to actions

All footers now properly end with call-to-action elements for better engagement.

Fix footer styling

The broken styling in footers has been fixed with updated HTML and CSS styling.

Update all schedule a demo link to new consulting links

All “Schedule a Demo” links have been updated with new HubSpot links for smoother scheduling.

Add Partner section to “About Us” on website

A new partner section has been added to the About section of the application.


Password reset buggy

The bug that caused users to encounter an error 500 screen when resetting passwords has been fixed, and password reset now works as expected.


Broken state links on Background Screening Consent

The broken Texas link in the background screening consent has been fixed and replaced with a working Texas link. Users can now access the link as intended.