Release Notes 07/31/2023


Client Request: Reject button

A new reject button has been implemented, allowing users who send tasks to other users to reject the form if requirements are not met, providing better task management capabilities.


IMPROVEMENT: Removed Disabled users HR & Competencies from Dashboard

Admins now have the ability to remove HR docs and Competencies from to-do lists without affecting the overall compliance score of disabled users.



Link broken on “Audit Checklist” form

The broken Kentucky application link in the Audit Checklist form has been updated and replaced with a working link.

CLIENT BUG: Incident report live time & date time need parsing

The bug that disrupted the consistent styling of date and time has been fixed, and now it is properly displayed.

Compliance to do’s not loading users in user dropdown

The bug that prevented users from loading in the user dropdown when opening a form from the compliance to-do’s has been fixed, and now it is working as expected.