Release Notes 08/14/2023



Assign a task to user from Training Center Employee Summary

Admin and HR users can now assign tasks for uncompleted training in the training center, providing a more streamlined process for training management.




Highlight alert message when creating duplicate Usernames

Users will now receive an alert when attempting to create a user with a username that is similar to an existing user’s username.


Make Compliance banners more detailed w/ Dates

Compliance banners now display dates for recurring compliance forms, providing users with a visual representation of when compliance needs to be met.



When accessing access manager user get error 500

The bug that prevented HR users from accessing the access manager has been fixed, and HR users can now access it without any issues.


Check permissions on training index page

A bug that granted unauthorized users access to specific training has been fixed, ensuring that users can only access trainings they have proper permissions for.


Downloaded All 28 certs but user shows 40 training courses completed

The bug that prevented users from downloading all completed trainings they have taken has been fixed, and users can now download all completed trainings accurately.


Intake & Screening Criteria, is Required for clinical staff but not showing up in their Training Center

The bug that prevented clinical staff roles from seeing the required Intake & Screening Criteria training has been fixed, and the training is now displayed correctly for the appropriate roles.