Release Notes 08/21/2023


Added onboarding video to the initial email sent out to users when Hatch account is created

New onboarding video has been added to all hatch user welcome emails upon creation

Filter the [Competencies To Do] on the user’s dashboard up to 3 months the future

New improvement has moved completed competencies to do & only limited recurring requirements to every 3 months instead of 3 years on competency to do dashboard card



WORKFLOW: Fixed Highlighting of hidden required fields

Bug that affected the workflow requirements has been fixed & Workflow is now displaying correctly when requirements are met


Fixed incorrect Due Date in User Compliance Report

Calculation of due date on user compliance report has been fixed.

HR Documents Not Applicable to a Specific Location no longer are shown on user dashboard

Bug that displayed removed forms in “form in progress” card on dashboard has been fixed & they will no longer show in the list


Fixed Size on Training Videos to Fit Optimally on Screen

Bug that affected the size styling of training videos has been fixed & they are now properly styled to correct size


HATCH admins have been removed from showing up in the [Compliance Calendar] under client locations

Fixed a Bug that displayed HATCH admins’ tasks and notifications


HATCH admins names are no longer being used when assigning trainings to clients

Bug that sent emails from HATCH admins has been fixed and training emails are now working as expected