Release Notes 08/28/2023


Add yellow upcoming expiration alerts for expiring trainings

Trainings now displays yellow expiration dates near expiring trainings so users can see when the next available training is needed



Update all trainings to consistent styling

Trainings have been updated with correct styling & now properly displays in full styling


Update Government & PDF links for Arizona Incident Reports

Government portal and links for Arizona incident reports have been fixed & replaced with correct links to direct users to government links


Fix formio select component with relational user

Bug that prevented users from searching employee’s in user downs has been fixed & now properly allows users to manually search through drop downs


Fix field showing as required but not visible on form

Bug that displayed a required field in workflow but not on the form has been fixed & now properly displays required field so user can complete forms


Fixed workflow is all green, but not be saved as “Completed”

Bug that prevented users from saving a completed form as complete when workflow is displaying green has been fixed & now allows the users to set to completed status when workflow is green


Disabled forms showing in “Forms In Progress” Card
Bug that displayed hidden forms in “Forms In Progress” card has been fixed & now no longer displays unselected forms in “Forms In Progress” card 


Incorrect data being displayed for inactive users 

Bug that displayed incorrect training data for disabled users has been fixed & now matching users that are active.