Release Notes 10/09/2023


Cross-Location HR Document Filtering

Users can now effectively filter HR documents by location, addressing the issue of cross-location compliance rules on the HR document index.


IMPROVEMENT: Report Sidebar Styling

The report sidebar has been updated to match the consistent styling of the application, enhancing the overall user experience.

Calendar Added To Task Create

We have incorporated a datepicker calendar into the task creation process. This enhancement simplifies the task date selection for clients, making it effortless to choose the desired dates.


BUG FIX: To-Do List Task Redirection

This bug fix ensures that users are correctly redirected when clicking on a task in the to-do list that has a form attached to it.


Impersonation User Password Reset

Users who were previously directed to reset their password after impersonation will no longer encounter this issue. Impersonated mass-imported users will skip the password reset step.


Arizona Survey Completion

The bug that prevented users from completing the Arizona survey properly, especially when selecting multiple options, has been resolved.