Release Notes 10/23/2023



add “Search Bar” for task create on forms

A search bar has been added to the task creation feature, allowing users to easily search the form, competency, and HR document directory.




Added Filter for All Location for HR Documents

A new “Location” dropdown filter has been introduced for HR documents to help users quickly identify the location of HR documents.


Remove “Sign Off” from “Secondary Sign Off Requirements”

The term “Sign Off” has been changed to “Required Approval” for secondary sign-off requirements, improving clarity.


Training Certificate Styling

The training certificate templates have been updated to maintain consistent styling.

Filter functions user friendly

Filters have been changed from buttons to drop downs as well as the “Filter” button has been changed to “submit”



Company Admin Filters

A bug that prevented users from seeing search filters in the user navigation has been fixed, and the search bar is now fully functional.


Fix Task Form Re-Direct

A bug that led users to an error page when creating a task from a form has been fixed, and it now correctly directs users to the form.