Release Notes 11/07/2022


Formio links should open in a modal

  • When clicking links  new windows will now open as a pop up to minimize tabs

Formio now opens uploaded files in modal

  • Uploaded images or files will now open as pop ups to minimize tabs


Training center report needs more clarity please, details in description

  • When viewing training center reports required trainings that are incomplete will appear as red


Unique file uploads for in form text editor

  • When uploading images users can now upload a file with the same name more than once

support for third party token validation added

  • Backend code improvements


When double clicking delete user receives error

  • Bug that allowed users to delete as many times as they can click has now been limited to one delete per click


In reference to filter feature

  • Bug that incorrectly populated dates in show grid now correctly displays current date & 1 month behind current


Workflow breaks when there are only secondary sign off requirements but no primary

  • Bug that prevented users from editing a form that required secondary sign off now allows users to edit