Release Notes 11/14/2022


Spam clicking for save

  • When clicking save multiple times the submission is saved once instead of as many times per click

Can we please remove hatch employees from their training center

  • HATCH Admins have now been removed from client view in training center

 Allow uploads of repeated filenames

  • Files with the same names are now able to upload multiple times

When a user clicks [Delete] on a form, a box populates letting them know this is permanent and can not be undone, can we please add a [Cancel] button to this pop up box next to [Delete]

  • Cancel buttons have been readded to pop up modals



I saved a competency when in a client location & the green message said I was saving a different form

  • Bug that referenced the incorrect file name on successful update now indicates the correct form name

Date filter doesn’t match on form index

  • Bug that would randomize dates in form show grids for all form types has been patched correctly displays a month before current date

Training center not sending renewal notifications

  • Bug that prevented users from receiving renewal notifications for trainings now alerts user when training have expired

Users getting error messages when they  click on treatment center walkthrough

  • Error 500 message when user would edit a form that had a status of “In progress,  Awaiting Approval now allows users to edit correctly 

User has expired training courses. His old certificates are no longer visible in his training center

  • Bug that prevented users from seeing expired trainings in training center now displays correctly


Review training center issues

  • Bug that prevented users from seeing past training certifications & button to generate old certifications is now available for clients

The HR onboarding document does not work how its supposed to

  • HR onboarding links now open up as new tabs instead of opening up in pop up window

Error 500 when editing a hr document in progress

  • Error when editing form that’s had statuses of in progress or awaiting approval now allows users to edit correctly