Release Notes 12/11/2023

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Add formio validation on Anonymous Controller

We’ve enhanced the user experience by implementing form validation on the Anonymous Controller. Now, you won’t be able to submit incomplete anonymous forms, ensuring that every submission is thorough and accurate.

Add reason why user is seeing 100% in location compliance

We’ve introduced notifications to provide clarity on why you’re seeing 100% in location compliance. Stay informed about your compliance status with our new explanatory feature.


Need assistance modal blocking screenshot

Say goodbye to interruptions! The Need Assistance modal will no longer block your screenshots when submitting a ticket, ensuring a seamless process without any hindrances.


Change logic to open release notes modal on login

No more unexpected pop-ups! Release notes will no longer open automatically upon login, allowing you to navigate smoothly without interruptions.

Create Task Formatting off for smaller screen resolutions

Enjoy a consistent and visually pleasing experience across all screen resolutions as we’ve updated Task create styling to match every type seamlessly.

Client unable to see all components in mobile

Mobile users rejoice! Styling improvements have been made to surveys, providing a better viewing experience for all components on your device.

Add staff names to display of “leave request” form library

Enjoy a more personalized experience with staff names now displayed in the “leave request” form library, making it easier to track and manage requests.

Create a Task feature giving landing page of error code

User activity has been enhanced with the ability to search for all generated, completed, deleted, edited, and task items using keywords in the search bar, providing a more efficient workflow.

Defaults to 10 records should show 25 requirements by default

Enjoy greater visibility with an increased default display from 10 to 25 records on the Compliance Report, providing a more comprehensive overview.


Related Form Modal is too small

We’ve expanded the Related Form Modal for a more user-friendly experience, ensuring that all fields on forms are easily visible and accessible.


Location Selector should try to drop user on same page

Effortlessly navigate between locations within the same company as our Location Selector now intelligently drops you onto the same page, providing a seamless transition tailored to your workflow




User profile is not showing emails sent by the system

We’ve resolved the issue that prevented email communications from displaying in user profiles. Now, all sent emails are accurately tracked under “communications” in the user profile.

IR time stamp not working

For Human Resources roles, we’ve fixed the IR timestamp issue by adding date and time to ‘dtcreated,’ ensuring accurate timestamps for all clients.

When in preview user allowed to make changes

The bug allowing users to edit while in preview mode has been fixed. Now, users won’t be able to make changes in preview mode, ensuring data integrity.

Add created task link to user activity

Users creating tasks will now be properly reflected in user activity, providing a comprehensive view of task-related actions.


When downloading certificates file does not save or open as a pdf

We’ve resolved the bug that prevented certificates from opening as PDF files. Certificates will now open seamlessly in PDF format.

Remove y from footer of all pages

A stylistic bug has been fixed by removing the lowercase ‘y’ from the page footer, enhancing overall page aesthetics.

Compliance counter not matching number of forms

The bug causing discrepancies in the compliance counter has been fixed. Compliance to-do now accurately displays the correct number of forms.

Client able to see other companies permissions

We’ve addressed the bug allowing users to see other companies’ forms in their company admin, ensuring data privacy and security.

Throwing Error about missing regulation

The bug causing errors when clicking on regulations has been patched, directing users to the correct regulation content.

Chris name appearing when choosing other users

We’ve fixed the bug that displayed admin users in the form show list, ensuring only relevant users under the company are shown.

If roles not matched – restrict user from submitting awaiting approval

The bug allowing users to change the status of forms without proper permissions has been fixed, ensuring a secure workflow.


User unable to view expired certificates

We’ve resolved the bug preventing users from seeing their expired trainings, providing accurate and accessible training information.

Training center showing 100% but has a failed quiz

The bug incorrectly calculating training center scores has been fixed. Now, it accurately calculates scores, considering missing quizzes.

User profile is not showing emails sent by the system

Bug that didn’t display when an email was sent to a user in user profile under “communications” has been fixed & now properly tracks all emails sent

BHT shift report not showing

We’ve fixed the bug that prevented certain users from seeing BHT shift reports, ensuring accessibility as expected.

Active user is not populating in “related user” field 

The bug preventing active users from appearing in related user drop-downs has been fixed, ensuring accurate user selection.

Find In HATCH not loading regulations
We’ve resolved the bug preventing users from searching regulations in Find In Hatch, allowing seamless regulation searches.

HR does not have access to pre-hire form

The bug preventing clients from seeing pre-hire documents has been fixed, ensuring proper document visibility.


Bug: Training Center needs some styling improvements

Styling improvements have been made to the Training Center, fixing the bug that affected users’ ability to see all training stats.

Users unable to click items in “compliance to dos” on dashboard. Reported 

We’ve fixed the bug displaying dead links in compliance to-dos, allowing users to be redirected properly.

Bug: Permissions directing admins to error page

The bug directing users to an error page when clicking and editing permissions has been addressed, ensuring proper functionality.

Error location identifier missing

We’ve addressed the backend bug related to location identifiers, ensuring proper functionality.

Create a Task feature giving landing page of error code

The bug directing users to an error page when assigning tasks has been fixed, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Disabled records showing up when enabled user filter is applied

The bug displaying disabled records when filtering by enabled records has been fixed, ensuring accurate and relevant records are shown.

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Human Resources

Hatch Compliance provides all the necessary tools for your Human Resources requirements.

Role based learning management system that meets all accrediting body standards. All training and quizzes are automatically assigned to the user, depending on their role in the organization

Includes pre- made competency assessments to meet all accrediting body standards.

Includes all pre- made forms to meet all accrediting body standards.