Gratitude – Our perception is our reality

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I had some fun with today’s video, which was inspired by a quote I heard for the first time this morning from Renee Douthat. It’s a really valuable lesson and is an extremely helpful practice in relationship building. I hope you all have an amazing week! I look forward to seeing you at NATCON23.

Release Notes 04/24/2023

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BUG FIXES:   Client receiving multiple notifications for training expirations A bug that sent multiple notifications for training expiration has been fixed, reducing notification overload for users and streamlining the notification process.  Client unable to access training center A bug preventing users from accessing the training center has been fixed, ensuring uninterrupted access to necessary […]

Gratitude – Nothing in life is guaranteed

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Nothing in life is guaranteed, so what are you waiting for? This week, I break down a quote by Neale Donald Walsch. Happy Gratitude Wednesday my friends. I look forward to seeing you all in California next week for the Healthcare Compliance Association conference and the week after for NatCon. I’ll also be at BHASe Summit May 15-17. […]

Release Notes 04/17/2023

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IMPROVEMENTS:  Dashboard Tasks Card should have check to mark as completed A new improvement now visually displays a loader when a task is completed, and it removes completed tasks from the task manager for Dashboard cards, To-Do, and Tasks. The new improvement also provides a visual cue that something is happening when users complete a […]

Gratitude – Perfection is a myth

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Happy Gratitude Wednesday my friends. If you can guess who made today’s qoute famous, put it in the comments below. The first person to get it right wins a prize. Living a life filled with gratitude is a key contributor to happiness. Take a little time every day to reflect on something you’re grateful for […]

Release Notes 04/10/2023

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FEATURES:  Add ability to download all active users certificates with 1 click New feature now allows users to download all training center certificates from Disabled User, Enabled Users & All Users in location. This feature provides users with the ability to download certificates with just one click, saving them time and effort.   IMPROVEMENTS:   […]

Gratitude – Going for it!

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Today’s thought comes from the great Wayne Gretzky. If you spend too much time thinking and planning, you’ll never execute. Get your ideas out there in the world. You never know, your idea may be the change people are looking for.

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