#MythDebunkingMondays: Most suicides happen without warning

Its #MythDebunkingMondays here at Hatch Compliance! This is our last week, let’s talk about another common myth, “Most suicides happen without warning.” THIS IS FALSE. We want to be clear that if a suicide or suicide attempt occurs those close to the person should not blame themselves. We strongly encourage that if you are someone you know starts exhibiting some of the warning signs below you consider getting support as soon as possible.

Possible Warning Signs of Suicide:

  • Severe sadness or moodiness
  • Hopelessness.
  • Sleep problems
  • Sudden calmness
  • Withdrawal
  • Changes in personality or appearance
  • Dangerous or self-harmful behavior
  • Recent trauma or life crisis
  • Making preparations
  • Threatening or talking about suicide.

You can access FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, and 24/7 mental health support by dialing 988.