Episode 3 – Exploring the Integration of Physical and Mental Health: A Conversation with Lana Seiler

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In the latest episode of “Hatching Creativity,” Mike engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Lana Seiler, a Clinical Manager at All Points North in Colorado and the host of the Therapy Unboxed podcast. The discussion centers around the vital connection between mind and body, shedding light on the significance of holistic care in the realm of Behavioral Health.

Introduction: “Welcome to Hatching Creativity! This isn’t your typical Behavioral Health podcast. Here, thought leaders converge to explore real-life challenges, share breakthroughs, and dive into those pivotal ‘aha’ moments. In today’s episode, I’m thrilled to be joined by Lana Seiler. Lana is a Clinical Manager at All Points North and the insightful host of the Therapy Unboxed podcast. Together, we’re delving into the profound importance of holistic care in the Behavioral Health landscape.”

Exploring Pluralistic Treatment: “At the heart of our conversation is the idea of pluralistic treatment. Lana passionately emphasizes the need to view patients as complex beings—compilations of interconnected systems—rather than isolating each system. She believes in a seamless integration of mental, physical, and soulful aspects for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare.”

Importance of Integrating Mind and Body: “One striking realization that emerges from our discussion is that life is never just about one thing. Lana and I concur on the crucial link between mental and physical health. We challenge the traditional silos within medicine and highlight the need for more open dialogue and integration of these two integral components.”

Holistic Care Initiatives at All Points North: “Lana shares insights into how All Points North is revolutionizing care. Their ‘9x’ program focuses on tailored fitness regimens that align with individual patients’ needs. Yoga, fitness programs, and alternative treatments all come together to create a more comprehensive approach to healing.”

Challenges and Optimism for the Future: “Our conversation brings to light the challenges and optimism that define the field of holistic healthcare. We discuss the need for more communication and collaboration between different specialties and how it could lead to more informed care. Lana’s optimism shines through as she believes the industry is headed in the right direction.”

Magic Wand Wishes for Healthcare: “If Lana had a magic wand, she would use it to foster centralized patient information that all care providers could access while maintaining HIPAA compliance. The aim is to create a cohesive healthcare journey where everyone has access to relevant patient history and treatment details, facilitating better communication and informed decisions.”


  1. “It’s never just about one thing. Life is a compilation of interconnected systems.”
  2. “The integration of mental and physical health is key for a comprehensive approach to healthcare.”

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Description: In this episode of “Hatching Creativity,” Lana Seiler, a Clinical Manager and host of the Therapy Unboxed podcast, engages in an enlightening conversation with Mike. They delve into the significance of holistic care in Behavioral Health, discussing the need to view patients as intricate systems rather than isolated components. From the importance of integrating mental and physical health to the challenges and optimism in the healthcare landscape, Lana’s insights inspire a more comprehensive approach to healing. Tune in to discover how holistic care is reshaping the Behavioral Health industry.

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