Episode 4 – The Transformative Role of Psychedelics and Ketamine in Behavioral Health

Welcome to another enlightening episode of “Hatching Creativity.” This podcast goes beyond the conventional by bringing thought leaders together to discuss real-life challenges, breakthroughs, and those pivotal “aha” moments. In this episode, host Mike engages in an insightful conversation with Lana Seiler, Clinical Manager at All Points North in Colorado and the creator of the Therapy Unboxed podcast. Today, they delve into the exciting world of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the intriguing possibilities it presents in the field of Behavioral Health.

Introduction: “Welcome to Hatching Creativity! This isn’t your ordinary Behavioral Health podcast. Here, thought leaders converge to explore genuine challenges, celebrate breakthroughs, and embrace those enlightening ‘aha’ moments. In today’s episode, I’m thrilled to introduce Lana Seiler. Lana, a Clinical Manager at All Points North, brings her expertise to the table, and she’s also the creative force behind the Therapy Unboxed podcast. Together, we’re diving into the realm of psychedelic-assisted therapy, discussing its evolving role in Behavioral Health.”

Psychedelics in Behavioral Health Care: “Intrigued by the emerging world of psychedelic-assisted therapy, Lana shares her experience and insights. As the Clinical Manager of the trauma program at All Points North Lodge, Lana has witnessed the potential of therapies involving psychedelics, such as ketamine, in promoting healing. The discussion revolves around the significance of these treatments and their potential impact on patients.”

Exploring Treatment Modalities: “Mike and Lana delve into the details of how treatments involving psychedelics are administered. From the modes of administration—intranasal to intramuscular—to the varied responses exhibited by patients, the conversation offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of psychedelic therapy.”

Measuring Success and Tracking Data: “Lana sheds light on the importance of tracking data and measuring success in this burgeoning field. The duo explores the various standardized tests used to gauge patients’ progress, such as the Gad for anxiety and the pcl5 for PTSD. Lana also introduces the concept of Acorn, a comprehensive tracking program, which aids in assessing patients’ therapeutic progress and predicting their success rates.”

Challenges and Ethical Considerations: “As the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy gains momentum, Lana highlights the challenges and ethical considerations that come with incorporating these powerful treatments into the Western healthcare paradigm. She shares insights from her involvement in the Psychedelic Assisted Therapy training program at Naropa University, where indigenous healing traditions intersect with modern therapeutic approaches.”

Patient-Centered Approach: “The conversation underscores the importance of a patient-centered approach. Lana emphasizes that the focus should always remain on the client’s well-being and journey to recovery. She introduces the Recovery Capital Index and its three silos—social, personal, and cultural capital—as valuable indicators of quality of life and successful treatment outcomes.”


  1. “We’re at a precipice with psychedelics entering the field, and we need to understand their potential and challenges.”
  2. “The client’s journey and well-being should be at the heart of all treatment strategies.”

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Description: In this episode of “Hatching Creativity,” Lana Seiler, Clinical Manager and host of the Therapy Unboxed podcast, engages in an enlightening conversation with Mike. They delve into the exciting world of psychedelic-assisted therapy, discussing its potential in Behavioral Health. From treatment modalities to data tracking, ethical considerations to patient-centered approaches, Lana offers insights that shed light on the evolving landscape of this innovative therapy. Tune in to explore the possibilities and challenges of incorporating psychedelics into modern healthcare.

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