Release Notes 10/23/2023

release notes min

FEATURES:   add “Search Bar” for task create on forms A search bar has been added to the task creation feature, allowing users to easily search the form, competency, and HR document directory.   IMPROVEMENTS   Added Filter for All Location for HR Documents A new “Location” dropdown filter has been introduced for HR documents to […]

Release Notes 10/16/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:  Form Completion Count Display The form index has been enhanced to display the number of forms created for each specific form type, providing users with a clearer view of form completion statistics. Weekly Compliance Email Alerts This new feature enables clients to receive weekly compliance to-do lists in their email, ensuring they stay informed […]

Release Notes 10/09/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:  Cross-Location HR Document Filtering Users can now effectively filter HR documents by location, addressing the issue of cross-location compliance rules on the HR document index.   IMPROVEMENT: Report Sidebar Styling The report sidebar has been updated to match the consistent styling of the application, enhancing the overall user experience. Calendar Added To Task Create […]

Release Notes 10/02/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:  Compliance Status Labels The “Grace Period” and “Double Grace Period” labels in Location and User compliance have been updated to “Late” and “Double Late,” providing more clarity on compliance statuses. Enhanced Export Functionality Search bars have been added to the export function for Forms, Competencies, and HR Documents, enabling users to easily search and […]

Release Notes 09/18/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:  Enhanced Task Management Clients can now effortlessly create tasks for any desired form directly from the “To Do List” navigation, making task management more convenient and efficient.   Emergency Contact Form Configuration A new configurational checkbox, “Complete New,” has been added to extend the workflow for filling in new entry requirements on the emergency […]

Release Notes 09/11/2023

release notes min

FEATURE:   Group Compliance Tasks by “type” Enhance your organization and search capabilities with the newly added drop-down feature in the “Compliance To Do” dashboard. Now, you can easily categorize and find compliance tasks.   IMPROVEMENT:  User Activity Tracking for Form Views Keep tabs on user engagement. Our user activity tracking now records when users […]

Release Notes 08/28/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:  Add yellow upcoming expiration alerts for expiring trainings Trainings now displays yellow expiration dates near expiring trainings so users can see when the next available training is needed   BUG FIXES:  Update all trainings to consistent styling Trainings have been updated with correct styling & now properly displays in full styling    Update Government […]

Release Notes 08/21/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:  Added onboarding video to the initial email sent out to users when Hatch account is created New onboarding video has been added to all hatch user welcome emails upon creation  Filter the [Competencies To Do] on the user’s dashboard up to 3 months the future New improvement has moved completed competencies to do & […]

Release Notes 08/14/2023

release notes min

FEATURE:   Assign a task to user from Training Center Employee Summary Admin and HR users can now assign tasks for uncompleted training in the training center, providing a more streamlined process for training management.   IMPROVEMENT:   Highlight alert message when creating duplicate Usernames Users will now receive an alert when attempting to create […]

Release Notes 08/08/2023

release notes min

IMPROVEMENT:   Add Reject alert for when reject task When rejecting a form that is awaiting approval, a green flash message will appear to notify users that the form or task has been rejected and needs to be reviewed.   Add Alert notifying if form is override ( override forms are not compliant ) A […]

Human Resources

Hatch Compliance provides all the necessary tools for your Human Resources requirements.

Role based learning management system that meets all accrediting body standards. All training and quizzes are automatically assigned to the user, depending on their role in the organization

Includes pre- made competency assessments to meet all accrediting body standards.

Includes all pre- made forms to meet all accrediting body standards.